In 1998, I started working in the beauty industry as a sales rep at a boutique in DC.  I was the ultimate product junkie and was gifted hundreds of skincare + make up products from our vendors.

“I’m going to do the complete routines and my flawed skin will look just like the models!”  After years of using luxury skincare, my face was older-looking, irritated and broken out.

During that time, I was an intern at the NGS (I wanted to be a travel writer) and, for fun, researched skincare formulations in their library.  I was concerned to discover that traditional beauty products were fragranced toxic soup in pretty packaging and sold with great stories.

I went green. I cleansed my face with a natural soap, made masks with raw honey + herbs and worked on creating an organic cream.  I also enrolled in beauty school because famous travel writer didn’t work out.

I became a holistic esthetician and treated clients with difficult skin issues using pure organic skincare and homemade remedies. I also traveled and would search out green beauty products and services wherever I landed from Bali to Sicily and beyond.

In 2018, I completed my own Lux Beauty line.  Luxury organic skincare created with cruelty-free formulas I designed and filled with the best quality organic ingredients + nutritional supplements I could source.

Today, I continue to handcraft  products at Skincando HQ with my skilled team, give back through Operation Sand Flea and work with clients at my private Garden Spa in NW DC (text number below for more information … shhh … it’s an insider secret for now)

Lots of love,