Our products

Skincando products are handcrafted from the finest organic, natural and locally-sourced ingredients. We use glass packaging because it is better for you, the environment and the products.

We are an earth-friendly company. We use non-toxic cleaning agents in our production process, we recycle and use recycled and biodegradable materials. We believe that it is just as important to protect the environment as it is to protect ourselves.

Our organic skin care products are concentrated and last at least two times longer than traditional beauty products. Once the products are opened they have a shelf life of one year, however, we recommend replacing them every six months.


My story

I grew up struggling with skin issues. My skin was never perfect, never pore-less.

In the early ’90’s, I would visit Nordstrom’s to get skincare samples and try the various routines at home. I would splash away just as the Ernest Lazlo rep directed or carefully do steps 1, 2 + 3 as explained at the Clinique counter. I believed if I used the right products I would have a perfect complexion! Guess what? It never happened.

After college in ’98, I worked at a beauty boutique called EFX. I was a top sales person and got to use the skincare products of my dreams. “This was it,” I thought. “I am going to do this right and all of the bumps, pimples and chronic irritation will be gone!” Unfortunately, I was wrong.  My skin got worse.

Thankfully during that time,  I was also an intern at the National Geographic Society and would research skincare formulations in their library. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that traditional skincare products are various forms of toxic soup.

Once I knew the truth, I decided to go green. I used clean beauty before there was a Whole Foods in DC. I started to cleanse my skin with a natural soap and set off on the tough journey of making an organic cream. I also enrolled in beauty school to become a licensed esthetician.

Back then, Creme de la Mer had just launched and Max Huber was still hand making his magic broth and selling it for more than an oz. of gold. He created a skincare company with only one cream, why couldn’t I?

Well, it’s not that easy. I wasn’t a NASA scientist nor did I have an investor with an unlimited marketing budget. Nonetheless, I kept mixing in my kitchen and created my Miracle Cream after 1000 batches and gave it out to friends and family. They liked it, not as a luxury facial moisturizer, but as an all-purpose healing salve that helped with eczema, bug bites, stretch marks and dry skin. Hmmm…. I decided to scrap the Miracle Cream and create Combat-Ready Balm, a thick multi-tasking healing cream that can remove eye makeup and moisturize hands + feet at the same time along with a host of other talents.

By the grace of God, the support of the Military and all of my clients, friends and family, Combat-Ready Balm took off. Thousands have been donated to soldiers overseas, its been written about in the Washington Post, ALLURE Magazine, and even by Caroline Hirons.  I have experienced the benefits of the ‘Oprah Effect’ and won a government contract selling Combat-Ready Balm to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital for wounded warriors.  It has been 10 amazing years and I am beyond grateful for the love and support!

In 2016, green beauty had just started to take off and I went back in the facial room to work as a holistic esthetician. I was working with 7 different lines and cherry picking products to recommend. There wasn’t a complete line that I could work with so in January 2018, I decided to finish my Skincando magical organic skincare line complete w/ cleansers, masks, a toner, a day lotion and a spot treatment.

This new skincare line is based on my 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.  It is a modern handmade system crafted with full spectrum organic ingredients and produces real results.  I am so excited to be able to share the products with you this November.

If you have questions or would like a skin consultation, please contact me at sara@skincando.com. I would love to help!

Warmest wishes,