Rabbit Rescue Fund

I have loved and rescued bunnies since I was a little girl.

It saddens me that these sweet creatures, who live for over a decade, are abused in testing facilities by the beauty industry and baby bunnies given as cute gifts to children leading them to being neglected, stressed and abandoned in outside hutches, dumped in the wild or dropped off at animal shelters.

I currently house two sweet rescue rabbits and have decided to give a percentage of sales to organizations like Breadbox Farm and Friends of Rabbits who do incredible work to save these helpless animals and need donations to keep running.

During the 2022 holiday season we started the donation campaign and Breadbox Farm was so grateful and able to build extra rescue housing with the funds!

If you would like to donate through Skincando, 100% of your donation will be passed on and we will mention that the gift is from you.