Operation Dry Skin Relief

Marc Popchak and the 876th Engineering Battalion stationed in Iraq.

We’ve been donating Combat-Ready Balm to U.S. Troops at home and abroad since 2005.   When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we refocused our campaign to send relief to doctors, nurses and all frontline workers.

As the pandemic wanes and the news of Afghanistan is making headlines, we are now sending relief to U.S. Troops and Military families on U.S. soil. Donations can be made by clicking the “Make a Donation” button below.

An urgent request from a Coast Guard Veteran and Gold Star Sister:

“I lost my brother in Afghanistan many years ago and the news coming out of Afghanistan is heart breaking. I am doing all I can to support US Troops and their families at home, any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated and would do a lot of good. – Milinda J.”

We are asking you to donate jars of Combat-Ready Balm at 50% off so we can send relief and love to all who need it.

If you would like to send your donation to the home of a relative or friend who is a military member, please do so. Skincando will cover the shipping cost and include extra donated products!

With every donated jar, we will send a thank you note and mention the cream is a gift from you.