In 1998, I was working at a luxury skincare boutique in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.  I shined in sales and the vendors gifted me unlimited products.

Unfortunately, after years of using luxury skincare and hoping that it would magically work, my face was chronically irritated and broken out.

During that time I was an intern at the National Geographic Society and for fun, researched skincare formulations in their library.  It was alarming to discover that fancy skincare products are basically fragranced toxic soup dressed up in pretty packaging and sold with great stories that do more harm than good.

Upon learning the truth, I quit using and selling expensive skincare and went back to basics. I cleansed with pure rosemary soap, made masks with raw honey, herbs + teas and began working on creating an all natural cream made with organic ingredients, I also enrolled in beauty school.

Miraculously, my skin issues healed and the course of my life changed.

After five years of professional training, I became a holistic esthetician and began working with clients who had difficult skin issues and treated them using homemade remedies.

The results were amazing and I quickly built up a loyal following!

In 2018, the Lux Beauty line was complete. Beautiful organic skincare handcrafted with my cruelty-free formulas filled with the best quality biodynamic ingredients + nutritional supplements.

Today, Skincando has grown and we send packages to clients all over the country from our private lab (lovingly called HQ) located in Silver Spring, MD.

Our gorgeous healing products are made fresh in small batches each week by my amazing team, we proudly give back through our Rabbit Rescue Fund and I continue to love working with clients and giving facials at the new Cottage Spa.

If you have questions, please email me.

xo Sara