Wake Up and Read the Labels! Podcast

Wake Up and Read the Labels! with Jen Smiley
Nourishing Your Skin and Your Stomach with Sara D’Amelio
Wake Up and Read the Labels with Jen Smiley

Do you know what’s in your skincare? While it’s easy to analyze the foods we’re putting into our bodies, many of us disregard the products we’re placing on our body. From foundation to lotion, cleansers and even chapstick, 20-year holistic aesthetician and owner of Skincando Sara D’Amelio is here to help us wake up and read our skincare labels.

Growing up, Sara always had sensitive skin. She attributed her constant reactions to using only the cheap products she could afford and waited for the day when expensive luxury brands would heal her skin. But when Sara landed a job at a premium skincare company and finally had access to those coveted pricey bottles, her skin got worse. Frustrated and confused, Sara did her own research on skincare and what she found left her feeling scammed and betrayed by the beauty brands pushing chemical-filled products.

Today, Sara talks with Jen about creating a clean skincare company, the secret to glowing skin, what skincare and nutrition have in common, and why price point, shiny packaging, and quality don’t always go hand-in-hand.


[02:30] – “Psychologically we’re programmed that the more expensive the product is, the better it is for you. When in reality, it’s the packaging and marketing. So if the packaging is gorgeous, it’s considered a luxury status product.” ~ Sara D’Amelio

[04:53] – “It’s easy to buy a product for like $50 that you think is going to cure your skin, when in fact, it’s constantly adding to the irritation, inflammation, based on what those ingredients are in that skincare.” ~ Sara D’Amelio

[06:09] – “That’s why I started Skincando: Simple, healthy ingredients based in nutrition. So you’re feeding your skin just like you’re feeding your stomach. You’re thinking of  your skin like the organ that it is.” ~ Sara D’Amelio

Use the code WAKEUP and get $5 off Jen & Sara’s clean beauty starter kit: https://skincando.com/shop/lux-beauty-products/travel-kit/.



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